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With the Stratoscope, MeisterSinger presents the second second model featuring a moon phase display. And it’s not just the larger case diameter of 43 mm that makes the Stratoscope a completely new concept in terms of design. The powerful, masculine case frames the unusually large moon phase display. The photorealistic image of the earth’s natural satellite corresponds to the astronomical precision with which the Stratoscope represents the moon’s various phases. The moon takes 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.9 seconds to circumnavigate the Earth. Most watches round this figure down to 29.5 days via the movement, which means they deviate by eight hours per year and need adjusting by one complete day every third year. However, the movement specially designed for the MeisterSinger Stratoscope is far more exact. Its moon-phase indicator only needs a slight adjustment after 122 years.



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