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MeisterSinger watches

May 20, 2020 3 min read

MeisterSinger watches

A worldwide reference in single-hand wristwatches

Perfection doesn’t come in seconds...

Since its foundation in 2001, the German brand MeisterSinger is a worldwide reference in single-hand wristwatches. MeisterSinger founder Manfred Brassler stands by the idea of creating timeless classic pieces in the technical and cultural tradition of early watchmaking. According to Brassley, tower clocks were single-handed in the Middle Ages, and yet people were perfectly able to plan their time without the current obsession to count very minute. It was not until the era of industrialization when watchmaking companies started to fit minute and second hands, answering people’s demand to plan everything, to “win” time.

MeisterSinger advocates that most things that are worthwhile, take time. MeisterSinger timepieces are manufactured in Switzerland through a traditional and extremely sophisticated process in which artisans dedicate several hours per piece. MeisterSinger’s automatic or manual mechanism is its most notable feature, although the brand’s avant-garde design is also worth to mention. MeisterSinger’s minimalist and sophisticated product design has been awarded several times in the past few years: the Red Dot Award, the IF Design Award, the Good Design Award, the German Design Award, among others.

MeisterSinger name itself is also something worth to develop. The MeisterSingers were German poets and amateur singers of the 15th and 16th century who came together as a guild. Their story is covered in Richard Wagner’s opera The Meistersingers of Nuremberg, centered in the figure of poet Hans Sachs. But MeisterSinger’s connection to music doesn’t stop there, as the symbol which appears above their logo is a fermata, a pause symbol in musical notation.

We believe in MeisterSinger’s vision of enjoying life without worrying too much about time, so you will be able to find at Iguana Sell the most iconic brand’s timepieces.

Automatic Meistersinger-Metris-Black,-38mm,-ME902-SV03

Circularis and Lunascope collections are truly classic timeless pieces. The Circularis watches are true to the brand’s motto of simplicity and tradition, and are available with manual movement (Circularis), with automatic movement (Circularis Automatic), and with manual movement with a 120-hour power reserve (Circularis Power Reserve).

The Lunascope line represents the moon’s various phases. These automatic watches are designed to precisely indicate the different moon’s phases in the upper half of the dial. Unlike conventional moon phase watches, which deviate by eight hours per year, the MeisterSinger Lunascope moon-phase indicator only needs a slight adjustment after 128 years.

Meistersinger-Automatic- watch- Lunascope-Opaline-Silver,-40-mm,-LS901-SG04--Automatic watch -Meistersinger-Lunascope,LS908G

In the recent years, MeisterSinger has been able to adapt its timepieces, expanding the range to include more complex models. An example of this are the Perigraph pieces, with an open date disk, the Neo collection, whose watches look like 1950s timepieces, the Vintago. line, inspired by the 1960s, and the Pangaea Date collection, which shows the time and date at a glance, and Pangaea Day Date, which also includes the weekday.

Automatic Meistersinger-Vintago,-SW-200-1,-38mm-VT903

As its very name indicates, the Nº1 watches were MeisterSinger’s originals and a true classic in watchmaking. Simple and refined, these watches are powered by a hand-wound ETA 2801 movement. The Nº2 collection are also hand-wound powered with a minimalist aesthetics, while Nº3 watches feature an automatic ETA 2804 movement.

Meistersinger Automatic watch -N3-40-mm, DM903-SV02

The Astroscope watch displays the weekdays like they’ve never been shown before: related to the heavenly bodies that have been attributed to the various days since ancient times. With these celestial bodies and their classical symbols, the Astroscope shows the days of the week not in a linear or radial fashion, but wandering back and forth in a constellation that only occurs every ten to twelve years in the southern night sky of the northern hemisphere. Not to be missed by astrology amateurs!

Discover at Iguana Sell the rest of MeisterSinger timepieces:

We are sure you will love them!

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