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Privacy Policy


What is this Privacy Policy for?

In Iguana Sell we offer you this Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy" ), in which you can consult in detail, but easily and transparently, the characteristics of the use we make of your personal data in order to provide you with our Service as well as for other purposes. You can access this Privacy Policy at any time, as it is available on our website in the "Privacy" section. This Policy establishes the basis on which we will treat any personal data obtained in connection with the use and interaction you make of our Website or any other online presence managed by us, including our presence on social networks (collectively referred to as "Website "). For information on the use we make of cookies, pixels and social supplements, see our Notice about cookies, pixels and social supplements. Any modification that we introduce in our Privacy Policy will be published on this Website or will be communicated by email. This Policy, currently in force, is dated 24.05.2018.


Who is responsible for the processing of your Personal Data?

The person responsible for the processing of your personal data is Iguana Sell SL, with address at C / Núñez de Balboa 90, 28006, Madrid, Spain. You can contact us on our landline (0034 91 441 50 41) or email address:


Where do we obtain your Personal Data? What Data will we use exactly?

In order to offer you the best service, we will use the data obtained through different forms and at different times (for example, when filling out a contact form, registering in an account, using interactive functions, hiring a service, participating in a commercial promotion, request a product or service, request information or material, or conduct surveys), with the following details:

  • contact information (for example, name, mailing address, email address and mobile phone number or other telephone number);
  • information about purchases and transactions;
  • customer service information (such as service inquiries, comments, and repair history);
  • Username and password;
  • information related to your personal or professional interests, date of birth, marital status, demographics, experience with our products and contact preferences;
  • photographs, comments and other content provided by you;
  • contact information that you provide us about friends or other people with whom you want us to communicate;and
  • information we can obtain from our external service providers.

We will also use other information about you that we may become aware of through your use of our services on our Website: location; IP address; identification code that we assign internally; navigation through our Website (dates and times you access, clicks, etc.) and the hardware, software and browser you use.

Finally, we will obtain information from different social networks, which will be provided to us in case you have authorized it by accepting the corresponding terms and conditions.

To refer to all the above information and any other information we have about you, we use the term "Personal Data".

 What are we going to use your Personal Data for?

We will use your Personal Data for the following purposes:

  1. Sell our products and provideourservice

The processing of your Personal Data is necessary so that we can sell you products and provide you with our service, which include the following issues:

  • Manage the creation of your accountand allow us to use it or modify it. You can modify the Personal Data that you have provided at any time.
  • Allow you to make product reservations.
  • Contact youto give you information regarding a product in which you might be interested. These communications may be made by email, telephone or text messages or by other electronic means. The form of communication chosen will depend on the reason for the communication.
  • Consult a history of all the productsyou have purchased with us and / or communications maintained with us.
  • Facilitatethrough the email address that you have provided   invoices   corresponding to the products you have purchased with us.
  • Offer you the best care and assistance.  Through our means of contact and communication, offer assistance at any time for any doubts, comments, suggestions or incidents that may arise. The aforementioned help can only be provided if we have your Personal Data.
  • Any other issue related toour commercial and / or promotional activity.
  1. Carry out marketing actions

We will use your Personal Data to send you news, products and promotions related to Iguana Sell. 

To this end, we will analyze your purchase history, the amounts incurred, the promotional codes you have used, the frequency with which you contact us or make purchases with us, your sociological profile and your personal interests, and we will create a profile about you so that promotions that we send to you are personalized, so that they adapt in each moment to your needs and personal preferences. Keep in mind that you can ask us at any time to stop using or creating your profile, although you will not receive any news, offers and promotions. The profile we create about you will not be used for any purpose other than the personalization of our promotions.

  1. Improve our service

In Iguana Sell we work permanently in the improvement of our Website and, for this reason, we carry out tests, investigations and analytical studies to develop new products that end up improving the quality of our commercial attention and service .

They allow us to optimize it, make it more functional and adapt it to your needs. Such works often require the use of some of your Personal Data.

  1. Prevent fraud

To prevent potential fraud against you and against Iguana Sell, we have implemented measures that make our Website a safe place.

For example, when we detect the existence of charges or irregular information, we will contact you to make sure everything is correct. In some cases, we will have to review information related to your purchases with the issuing entities of your means of payment to resolve possible conflicts.

  1. Know your opinion aboutIguanaSell

We find it very useful to know what your opinion about Iguana Sell is, to make strategic decisions that turn us into a company aligned with the interests and concerns of our customers and stakeholders. For that reason, in some moments we will be able to ask you to respond to a simple survey to know what is your perception about us.

Of course, you will not have to give us your opinion if you do not want to.


 How long will we keep your Personal Data?

We will use your Personal Data until you decide to delete your user account or request that we stop doing so. Until then, we will continue to treat your Personal Data for the purposes indicated earlier.

When any of the above situations occur, we will not directly eliminate your Personal Data; we will keep them duly blocked and protected during the time in which responsibilities arising from the treatment could arise or during the periods required by any applicable regulation. During that time, your personal data will not be processed for any purpose other than to address such potential liabilities or fulfill these legal obligations. Once these possible actions are prescribed and the aforementioned legal obligations expire, we will proceed to eliminate your Personal Data definitively without further delay.


Why is it lawful for us to use your Personal Data?

In Iguana Sell SL we only use your Personal Data in a lawful manner, as required by the applicable regulations in the matter. For this, we need to have a sufficient legal basis. The following reasons explain what the legal basis is, that is why there is lawful reason, to use your Personal Data for each of the purposes described in the previous section.

  1. Sell our products and provide our service

The use of your Personal Data is necessary to be able to execute the contract that unites us with you from the moment you make a purchase with us or contact us with questions.

  1. Carry out marketing actions

We will use your Personal Data to send you news or promotions based on your profile if you have shopped with us,since we consider that you have a legitimate interest. In a complementary manner, we will also request express consent for some cases. The communications we send you may be made and sent via email, SMS or other electronic media. You can request at any time that we stop sending youthese personalized communications.

  1. Improve our service

In Iguana Sell, we consider we have a legitimate interest for testing, research and make any analytical studies to improve the quality of our service and commercial or promotional attention. In our opinion, this treatment also benefits you directly, since you can enjoy a more personal and precise attention to your interests.

  1. Prevent fraud

We also understand that in Iguana Sell SL we have a   legitimate interest   to try to prevent potential fraud. This treatment is positive for Iguana Sell SL and also for you , since it will allow us to use procedures that try to avoid fraudulent use of your account or undue charges.

  1. Know your opinion about IguanaSell

We believe that we have a   legitimate interest   to know the perception that you have about Iguana Sell SL, since it will allow us to make strategic decisions that adapt to the needs and concerns of all our customers and users . In addition, we think that the use of your Personal Data for this purpose is compatible with the sale of our products and provision of our service.


Will we share your Personal Data with third parties?

Yes. In order to provide the Service with the highest quality, we need to share your Personal Data with external suppliers that help us with different issues related to our activity and with third parties.

These external providers help us with different issues related to the Service. Iguana Sell SL ensures that external providers that can access the Personal Data act in a confidential, loyal and scrupulously complying with applicable regulations on data protection. To this end, they are entities and companies of recognized prestige in their activity, such as Shopify Inc., GoogleIreland Ltd , or Hubspot

Notwithstanding the fact that the country in which you are located is located outside the European Economic Area, we want to inform you that some of the above entities may be located or may access the Personal Data from countries that, in the opinion of the European Commission, they do not provide a level of protection for them similar to what exists in the European Union. We know that these countries do not provide a comparable level of protection because the European Commission has not approved an "adaptation decision". In these cases, the transfers of your Personal Data will be carried out in all cases with the adequate guarantees to protect your security.


What are your rights in data protection issues?

As a customer of Iguana Sell or user of our services, you have a whole series of rights so you can decide and control at all times how we use your Personal Data.

You can exercise these rights at any time and for free. In order to meet your request, we need to ensure that itis really you, so you must provide a copy of your document of identity; we would also appreciate it if you could indicate the right you wish to exercise. If your request does not meet the above requirements, we will ask you to amend it.

In particular, you have the following rights:

  1. request access, rectification or deletion of your personal data;
  2. request the restriction of the processing of your personal data, in particular, to oppose the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, and
  3. request that we provide, to you or any other person or entity that you designate, a digital file with your personal data (right to the portability of the data).
  4. Revoke at any time the consent that allows us to treat your personal data for the purposes indicated.

Additionally, you have the right to file a claim with the competent control authority in data protection matters.


Will we update this Privacy Policy?

It's possible. Please note that if for any reason we decideto make a change in our Privacy Policy, we will report it and promptly inform youbefore the changes begin to apply. This way you can perfectly know how we intend to use your personal data before we begin to do so.



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