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How to change the strap of your watch

April 10, 2018 2 min read

change watch strap

New strap, new life

Either due to the passage of time or simply wanting something new, at some point in your watch’s life, you find the need to change its strap and give your piece a new image. There is nothing complicated about changing the strap, and it can be done in just 6 steps.

You can also watch our video at the end of the post.


1. Protect the watch

To remove the old strap we recommend turning over the watch, in this way any scratch we might accidentally create will remain on the least visible part.Anyway, for greater protection of the piece, we suggest you put a piece of tape covering the watch.

2. Remove the old strap

Take the small screwdriver and press down on the spring bar of the latch to make it fold down. Pull lightly on the strap and remove. Repeat the procedure on the other end.

3. Change the strap

Take the new strap with its lugs (you can reuse the lugs from the old strap). Insert the lugs into the holes.

4. Secure the orientation of the strap

Make sure the part of the clasp strap points at 12 o'clock and the part with holes at 6 o'clock on the face of the watch.

5. Fit the lug

Pressing lightly, fit one end of the lugs into place in the case and using the screwdriver, fit the opposite side into its hole. Press lightly until it clicks.

6. Repeat and enjoy

Repeat the process for the other part of the strap. Remove the protective tape and your new watch is ready.

To make it even easier, we have prepared a video where you can see the steps of changing the strap from a MeistersingerNeo to a Hirsch strap


We recommend in summer to change your strap from leather to silicone. Leather is a delicate material and between salt water and sand, there is a risk of significantly reducing its useful life.


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