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Aurora 88 Big Fountain Pen

Aurora Authorised Retailer

Aurora 88 Big Fountain Pen, Black Resin, Chrome trim, 800C

Nib Size
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14k Gold
Filling System
Piston Filler
Closing System
Closed length
135 mm.
Barrel length
130 mm.
Posted Length
157 mm.
Barrel width
15 mm
Weight (with cap)
22 gr.
Weight (without cap)
13 gr.
3 years
Country of Manufacture


Additional information:
  • A great writing classic, designed by the famous designer Marcello Nizzoli, this legendary cult pen from the 1950s is back. For Aurora, it is the symbol of a manufacturing process still linked to several artisan phases, as well as to the most cutting-edge technology.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
A Perfect Pen (Aurora 88 CT, Black Laquer, Flex Fine)

I have been writing with fountain pens since 1968. The pens I have used were made all over the globe: in Italy, France, US, Japan, China, USSR, East Germany (GDR), West Germany (and the united Germany), Russia, India, England, some Latin American countries. As I do take good care of them, rinse and rotate regularly and don’t have the habit of losing pens, most of them are still around and operational, so – as you could imagine – over the years I have accumulated a few, to put it very mildly.

Nevertheless, once in a while I still do end up buying a new one. My favorite brand is Aurora, with Pelikan, Sailor, Pilot and Montblanc following closely. I do have a few Auroras, including some Optimas (regular and limited editions) and 88s, along with some others.

For me, Aurora 88 with lacquer finish and chrome trim epitomizes the absolute standard of perfection in terms of size, weight, look, feel, proportions, finish and quality. Most Optima limited editions are very close to that (as a matter of fact, a Carlo Goldoni limited edition from 1993 along with one of my 88s are always two of the 5-7 pens that are normally on my desk). The regular Optima – even though it is of the same size as the limited editions, is a bit lighter and – for me – feels just a tad less balanced unposted (it is perfect when posted), though don’t get me wrong – it is still very close to being perfect. The difference is that the 88 always feels perfectly balanced – both posted or unposted. The only other pens that come close to that perfect balance but are somewhat behind are Pelikan M800, Meisterstuck 146 and some of the higher-end Pilots – in that specific order. I do not use M1000 or Meisterstuck 149 at all – to me, they are just nice large monuments to oversized writing instruments with no utility value.

The reason I bought another Aurora 88 was to check their Flex Fine nib. It gets mixed reviews on various web sites but I, through many decades of fountain pen usage, have developed a position of never taking any pen- or nib-related opinion at the face value. Most of my Auroras have italic or stub nibs and, even though there are multiple pens in the Aurora lineup that I don’t own which do offer the Flex Fine nib, I could not think of a better pen with that nib to buy.

The Flex Fine nib is slightly longer and narrower, compared to regular Aurora nibs, with a very smooth clean line (not too wet or dry) and slight but pronounced feedback, which is very good. Even though its line variation is, by design, not like the one produced by an italic or stub nib – it is more than enough to really enjoy laying down distinctly expressive characters on a piece of paper. Some folks argue about it being a “true” flex or not but, honestly, I do not care about that one way or another. It is very pleasant and effortless to write with for long periods of time and, needless to say, I am very happy with it.

A comment on Aurora brand in general. A couple of years ago I bought a 30-year-old limited edition Optima and, even though the pen was obviously new-in-box with no signs of use at all, the attempt to move the piston by turning the knob resulted in unscrewing of the entire piston assembly. I sent the pen to Kenro Industries, which handles the Aurora (and Montegrappa) pens service in the US. They charged me a nominal processing fee and forwarded the pen to Italy. I thought it would take months to get it back, but just 3 weeks later the pen was back with me, in absolutely pristine condition – properly polished, buffed or whatever else they did, with everything working perfectly – at no charge! That is what I call true service and standing by their products. As I have had quite different experiences with the service of some other well-known brands, who had absolutely no clue what they were doing, all I can say is: Way to go, please keep it that way!

Iguana’s service is impeccable, as always – reasonable prices, clear communication on order status, great packaging, fast shipment, precise answers to any questions asked without any delays – thank you!

Andrew T.
Italian Artisanry

As with many things that issue from Italy, the Aurora 88 (CT) Large, imbues that consummate aesthetic, clean lines, & undoubted functionality. This then, is not only a beautiful writing instrument, it’s performance is superlative too; where once upon a time, another Italian pen manufacturer (Delta) held sway over all others in this country - now defunct, Aurora has taken on that primary mantle; hand-built to very exacting standards, the quality speaks for itself in both looks & performance.
This particular, & most understated retro piece offers its various owner(s) a wonderful writing experience - mine outfitted with a 14K Fine Flex nib - soft & bouncy & smooth, with a hint of feedback that lets you know you’re writing; excellent flexion when required, with effortless spring return to the tines. Minimalist engraving upon both the cap band & nib, with a silky solid black resin throughout, tastefully accented with chrome trims.
It is a large scribe - girthy, yet lightweight, & seats comfortably in the hand - ideal for protracted writing sessions without causing hand fatigue.
In terms of price, well that’s competitive, but clearly, in such a pen you are most assuredly getting your money’s worth.
For the smaller hand, there is an identical model that might be considered more suitable. There is a moderately sized ink window, & to round this all off, a piston-filling mechanism (so bottled ink only). For myself, this has to be the best fountain pen purchase of 2022. as ever have come thru’ - superb Customer Service, with assiduous aftercare, product knowledge, & friendliness (I always ring prior to buying), & in that, can attest to their consistent sincerity & welcoming demeanour. I would recommend Iguana to all who seek out fine writing implements, timepieces, & luxury leather goods.


Like it much, excellent quality, as all my other Aurora fountain pens. The OF nib gives a fine extra touch to the letters. It takes a while, though, to find the correct position of the pen to get the best result, but once it is done, it writes really smoothly. :)

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