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Can we help you choose the size of your watch?

When choosing a new watch, we have a wide range of models and sizes. So, which one to choose? Undoubtedly, your perfect watch will be the one you like the most and the one that fits you better in terms of features. Nevertheless, the size could be a determining factor to choose your new timepiece, on this page you will find a guide that may help you.

The size of a wirstwatch

The size of the watch will be equal to the diameter of the dial-in millimeters.

Usually, the most common diameters for men are between 34mm and 42mm. It is said that the 38mm is the one that best fits all wrists, but at our website, you can find watches for all tastes, ranging from 30mm with brands such as Mondaine, to 50mm in models of brands such as U-boat or Ingersoll.

Men's watches

Usually the sizes for men are 32mm to 36mm in the case of classic watches and 40mm to 44mm for sporty ones.


Ladies' watches

Ladies' watches have a smaller dial size. Usually these kind of models feature a dial ranging from 28mm to 38mm.


Discover the size that best fits your wrist

In the following images, you can see how look the different sizes:

By printing and cutting out the following template, you can imagine how it would look each watch size on your own wrist. You can download it here.

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