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Promotion of e-Gift Card

Promotion Dates: December 25th to December 31st, 2023.


  • Purchases from £200 to £699: Receive a £20 e-Gift Card.
  • Purchases from £700 to £1499: Get a £50 e-Gift Card.
  • Purchases from £1500 to £2999: Enjoy a £100 e-Gift Card.
  • Purchases over £3000: Receive a generous £200 e-Gift Card.

Participating Collection:

New Year Promotion

Conditions to Obtain the e-Gift Card:

    1. The total value of the e-Gift Card will be calculated at the end of the purchase, considering only products from the participating collection. For example, if you purchase a watch for £750 with the code IGUANA12, you will pay £660, and the e-Gift Card will be £20.

    2. The promotion only applies to products from the collection. If you purchase a pen for £150 from the collection and another £150 pen not in the collection, you will not reach the minimum to receive the e-Gift Card.

    3. The e-Gift Card is generated manually and may take between 24 and 48 hours to arrive.

    4. In case a customer wishes to return an eligible item purchased during this promotion, the customer must return both their promotional e-Gift Card (not redeemed) and the original qualified item purchased together and unused to receive a full refund.

      If the Gift Card is not returned completely unused with the item when being refunded, Iguana Sell reserves the right to deduct the value of the purchase price from it for the refund.

How to Use the e-Gift Card:

  • The e-Gift Card is valid for 12 months and is valid for purchases over £200.
  • Gift cards can only be used once in a single order through www.iguanasell.co.uk or in the physical store. Once used, the remaining balance of the gift card will be lost.
  • e-Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for any monetary value. Purchases made using an e-Gift Card acquired through this promotion will only be eligible for an exchange.

These terms and conditions govern participation in the e-Gift Card promotion. By participating, you commit to complying with these conditions.

Take advantage of this outstanding offer and enjoy your purchases with exclusive benefits.

Last update date: December 13th, 2023