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Junghans watches

July 01, 2020 2 min read

Junghans watches

The famous  Junghans brand, known for its minimalist and classic style with the innovative spirit, has become an example for the whole watchmaking world.

In today's blog we are going to learn about the history of  Junghans watches and their most iconic lines.

Junghans brand  began in 1861 when Erhard Junghans and his brother-in-law created the Zeller & Junghans movement. It was the first step that, in 1903, Junghans grew from two brothers to 3,000 employees making more than three million watches a year. At the time, its watch factory was the largest in the world. The 1930s was when Junghans started making wrist watches of his own design and manufacture.

Over the years,  Junghans has achieved the art of precision and has even been the timekeeper for the 1972 World Olympics in Munich.

The  Max Bill line, inspired by universal genius, architect, painter, sculptor and product designer, Max Bill. As a student of Walter Gropius' Bauhaus aesthetics, he intuitively understood how to apply the search for constructive clarity and precise proportions to his work. This collection brings together watches with refined, elegant designs and perfect proportions. The  Junghans Max Bill collection is undoubtedly an example of success in the commitment to simplicity and attention to detail.


Meister watches show the close relationship between technique and aesthetics, through which authentic works of art can be created. Designed in the 1930s at the orders of designer Anton Ziegler, they combine traditional and modern designs, reflecting the history and legacy of the brand.


Performance is a reflection of his pioneering spirit and the precision of its pieces. Junghans has always maintained a leading position, eager to excel looking for precision, miniaturization and increase the power reserve, something that is present in its  Performance watches. The watches that make up this line have a radio-controlled solar movement, which allows you to enjoy an exact measurement.


The clarity of the design of the  FORM line corresponds to the simplicity of the idea on which it is based: creating a watch that adapts to each situation. Decades of experience have resulted in a design approach that combines modern form with ergonomics and, ultimately, a watch of remarkable simplicity.  Its watches show an unmistakable character.


All Junghans watches are characterized by meticulousness, expert craftsmanship and creative nuances. Its designers combine inspiration and tradition with the highest design standards. To guarantee a perfect final product, creative and design processes go hand in hand. Only when all the components have successfully passed the quality inspection, they come to create a Junghans.

 Quartzautomaticradio controlled… we are sure you will find a Junghans that suits you. Moreover we also have a collection for ladies


Do not hesitate to visit our boutique to see the entire  Junghans collection with its “Made in Germany” watches.

If you have any doubt or question, It will be a pleasure to help you.

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