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Friday Outfit: Switzerland

March 23, 2018 2 min read


Hello everyone,

Today’s Friday Outfit takes us from France to Switzerland, the land of luxury watches.

The alpin state has good recognition in the jewellery and watch industry, even though automatic watchesweren’t invented there, nor they were pioneers in the production and comercialization of this articles. Then, why Switzerland?

Suiss craftsmen’s ambition and perseverance lead them to become the world’s first exporter of watches (FH, 2016) . Not only suiss artisans enhanced the quality of the watches, but also turned the manufacturating procces into an art thanks to their seek for perfection and the care for details.

As one of the few countries that keeps the watchmaking tradition, the “swiss made” tag has become a synonism of luxury. But the price of suiss automatic watches is due to every single detail behind the manufacture of each piece.

Someone that gets a suiss automatic watch doesn’t only want to measure time. He or she is someone that is able to appreciate the accuracy of micro-mechanic engineering, the majesty of the finest materials and the quality of artisan work.


Hand-assembled, each piece of an automatic watch can take up to 14 months of work and is subject of thousand different tests that guarantee its quality: the acceptable margin of error is +-5 microns. Human hair thickness is about 100 microns.

Alltogether, the manufacture of a suiss automatic watch involves more than 2000 drawings and plans that will make into 350 tiny pieces and dozens of rubies. Only the finest materials can be used to create a light, rugged and elegant watch.

In addition to the amount and quality of parts, the additional functions of a watch also increase its price. When a manufacturer is considered as a “luxury brand” it means that it has a great tradition, that it makes part of its products in the country of origin and that human hands are involved in the manufacturing process.

And you, do you belong to the ones that are able to appreciate how much time it takes to meaSure time?

You can find all these products in our web or in our boutique at Nuñez de Balboa, 90 Madrid. Do not hesitate to visit us whenever you want. We will be looking forward to meet you!

Have a nice weekend!



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