Visconti Rembrandt Variegated Resin Black Fountain Pen

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Visconti fountain Pen

Stainless Steel Nib

Variegated Black Resin

Closure System
Magnetic closure
Filling System
Converter/cartridge filling system (Not included)

Dimensions (capped/uncapped)
14 cm ( 5.51 in) / 12,5 cm (4.92 in)




Special features:

  • For twenty years the name "Visconti" has been synonymous of extraordinarily elegant writing instruments coming from very intense historical and technological research.
  • Visconti always pays tribute to the signs of human culture.
  • This collection pays homage to the Dutch master of "Chiaroscuro", Rembrandt van Rijn.
  • The pen finishes reflect Rembrandt's painting technique "Chiaroscuro": treatment of light and dark in his paintings.
  • The resin barrel is made of Variegated Resin, accented with palladium-plated trims.
  • At first sight, the pen's solid colors show the technique "Chiaroscuro" subtle details, it looks like as if the pen is painted by hand.