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Kronaby: Smart technology arrives to Iguana Sell

Discovering Kronaby

Smart Watchamaking arrives to Iguana Sell with Kronaby!

Kronaby, a brand specialized in smart technology, is already available at Iguana Sell. Kronaby honors the classical design watchmaking: they produce analogical watches with a high artisanal component and attention to detail, praising them with human technology, the key of their philosophy.

The magic of Kronaby resides inside the watches. They are pioneers in Smartwatch technology since 2015, and their essence is the fusion between a classical watch with a forefront technology and a Scandinavian design. Customers can choose the features that fits better with their lifestyle. Kronaby App, allows us to make the maximum use of our time.

Four unique collections

Kronaby, trusting in their powerful experience, offers four elegant collections to make the customers enjoy their time fully. Every Kronaby clock is made of stainless steel, with 10 ATM thigness and a sapphire crystal, which gives it a more classical and sophisticated style. The final touch are the watch straps, ranging from leather, Milanese mesh and steel bracelets.

·Apex: Motion, durability and legibility; those are the main features of Kronaby Aspex collection which goes a step further. With a technologically advanced movement synchronized with every lifestyle, it will be an inseparable companion to your wrist.

·Carat: As a perfectly polished jewellery, Carat Collection has many facets. It's Nordic design, refined and elegant, combined with a technological component, will make it your extension.

·Nord: Puriry and proportion. Kronaby's nordic legacy is perfectly mirrored in the minimalist Nord Collection. Form and Function are combined, while functionality is taken to an extreme thanks to Smart technology.

·Sekel:  A tribute to watchmaking. Sekel is the most iconic Kronaby's collection, which combines the features of master's watchmaking and analogical precision. Its progressive technology is the high point which brings past and future together.

Amazing functions and complications

Smart Kronaby's component achieves extraordinary features for a watch, which helps us to snatch more every moment and makes the watch an inseparable companion .

Automating time zone setting: No matter how many time zones you travel, Kronaby will automatically show the local time.

Let's move!: With a healthy lifestyle philosophy, Kronaby counts steps and encourages us to move when we have been inactive for a long time.

Silent alarm: By turning this alarm on, non-sonorous resonances will wake us up, without bothering those who sleep around us.  

Filtered notifications: There is a tight line between being connected and being distracted, therefore Kronaby allows us to customize your notifications, prioritizing those which are more relevant for us.

Battery life: Every watch is supplied with a two years autonomy battery.

Call rejection: Kronaby allows us to prioritize our contact list by a pusher on the crown which refuse calls instantly.

Second time zone: Kronaby keeps us connected to the world, allowing us to choose a second time zone to show on its face.

Date: Date is an essential information. Only by pushing a pusher we will be able to see the date on the face.

Set goals: Physical activity is a key for a healthy lifestyle. You can set an amount of daily steps and monitor your progress on your wrist.

Chronograph: Access to timer function to measure how much time do you spend in your activities.

Music: Listen to your favorite music wherever you are and whenever you want. You will only need to press play.

Remote camera control: An integrated remote camera control will make you move from being the photographer to being posing for the camera.

Find my phone: How many times do we have forgot where did we left the phone? A pusher will show you where did you left the phone the last time.

Remember this place: Visiting new places is part of living, a Geo Tag pusher will allow you to remember your point of origin so you can always return.

Take me home: Kronaby also thinks in our security. A pusher will send a signal to one of our loved ones showing our steps until we get home remotely!

Kronaby in the press

Innovation, originality and quality of Kronaby's watchmaking, has acquired relevance in different mass media.

All Kronaby models are available at Iguana Sell.

We invite you to visit our boutuque in Núñez de Balboa 90, Madrid, to discover Kronaby.

Kind regards from Iguana Sell team!


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