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Inks: Everything you need to know

August 30, 2017 4 min read

Inks: Everything you need to know

Hello followers!

In this post we will explain everything you need to know about the inks we use in our fountain pens.

Many times you ask us about the different types of inks, how many there are and, specially, what is the best ink to get the best writing experience.

This is why, in today's post we are going to explain what types of ink there are, which ink fits each fountain pen best and some common mistakes to avoid that will help you achieve the most pleasant experience with your fountain pens. Go for it!

  • Types of ink

This is one of the most asked questions, so we will differentiate into five different types.

Pigmented: Pigmented inks are composed of a solvent and small pigments. Among their advantages, this type of ink is able to come into contact with water without blurring our text. In addition they tend to be resistant also to the sunlight making our texts stay in perfect state longer. How to differentiate them with a naked eye? These pigments are not completely dissolved, and we can often see them floating inside the inkwell.

If you like this type of ink in your fountain pen we suggest you to try the Platinum Pigment Ink. You will be delighted!

Non-pigmented: Unlike the previous one, the non-pigmented inks are composed of water and dye. This makes the ink comes completely liquid and the paper can absorb our writing better. In addition, although they are less resistant to water and sunlight, it is important to note that they get more colorful tones and are usually easier to use.

There are many brands that focus on non-pigmented inks. The most popular are Diamine, Pilot's Iroshizuku inkwells and Pelikan's Edelstein.

Fluorescent: Fluorescent inks are pigmented inks with fluorescent pigments. In this way they achieve bright and vivid colors that allow us not only to decorate our writing, but to underline.

Pelikan has an incredible collection of fountain pens and fluorescent inks called Pelikan Duo M205. What are you waiting for to underline with your fountain pens?

Brilliant: From the fluorescent to the bright. On this occasion the pigments inside the ink contain glitter obtaining a perfect and shiny finish.

How to get them? Diamine launched a Special Edition of bright inks in different colors with details in gold and silver.

  • Can I use a different ink brand as my fountain pen?

Beyond the types of ink, another of your most common questions is if we consider advisable to use ink from a brand different to your fountain pen.

It is true that fountain pen manufacturers always recommend that their product must be used with inks from the same brand. However, even if it is recommended by the brand it is not necessary to use an ink of the same brand as our fountain pen.

Generally, in luxury fountain pens there is no problem in using different inks. It is true that depending on the model and the quality of the product may require a more careful use in order to prevent the ink from remaining in the feeding system. However with good maintenance cleaning we can enjoy inks of all brands.

If you still are not confident about how to clean your fountain pens, do not hesitate to visit our  post where we explain step by step how to do it.

  • Most common errors caused by ink

As you know, thanks to the ink and different nibs sizes we can get many effects and errors in our writing. We leave here a small glossary of the most common:

• Bleeding: The term bleeding refers to when the ink passes through the paper, leaving a trace on the back side.

 Shadowing: With bright and clear colored inks, we can often see the most pronounced stroke in one of the parts while in others we see a lighter color. This, although it may seem a disadvantage can sometimes get a nice effect on our calligraphy.

• Railroading: Often, with extra flexible nibs depending on the speed of the stroke on the paper and the pressure we exert there may be blanks in our letters.

 Feathering: Finally, sometimes when writing on the wrong paper or to the wrong ink our writing is blurred ending in small gratings that resemble the bird feathers. Hence the name feathering.

  • Best-selling & recommended inks

In order to avoid all these effects, we must carefully choose which inks we will use in our pens. Next we will show you the best-seller inks at Iguana Sell.

As you can see, among our best sellers we highlight: 

Diamine: Its great variety of colors makes them a favorite of many of our followers.

Pigment Ink: Mentioned earlier, the reliability of Platinum pigmented inks are a must-have.

Montblanc: Montblanc never fails. With  fantastic writing instruments, the brand is also a benchmark for inks. The best? Its Limited Edition ink bottles.

On the other hand, as our recommended inks, we leave you three more: 

Edelstein: Twelve different colors and a soft textures make that we cannot stop recommending this fabulous range of Pelikan inks. Its Aquamarine ink has become in "Inkwell of the Year 2016"

Iroshizuku: Also mentioned above, Iroshizuku means "beautiful day" in Japanese, its intense and vivid colors perfectly reflect the Japanese culture.

All this featured inkwells are available at Iguana Sell. 

In addition, you can also visit our Boutique in Núñez de Balboa 90, Madrid to discover these wonderful inks. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products, we are at your disposal.

Have a lovely day! 


The Iguana Sell Team

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