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How to change the strap of a quartz or automatic watch

April 10, 2018 3 min read

change strap automatic watch

Change the strap of your watch step by step

Hello everyone,

Several watches, both automatic and quartz watches, can completely modify their appearance only by only changing their strap. You will be able to turn an unique masterpiece into an accessory that fits all your outfits, since strap changing is one of the best ways of making the best out of your favourite watch. As an example, if we change the nylon strap of a Dietrich OT-2 automatic watch fo a leather one, we will give it an original urban-look.


It is an easy procedure that can be done in less than 10 minutes. As always, if you have any doubt about how to change the strap of you watch, do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Choose an appropriate area to work on. It should be flat and open, such as the kitchen table or the surface of a desk.

  • Place a cloth or fabric on top of it. This way, we will be able to protect the watch from scratching and you will prevent the little, tiny pieces from getting lost.

  • Work always towards the side of the watch (from the back of it).This way, if the tool you are using slides when you apply preassure and the watch scratches, the mark won't be visible.


In order to change the strap of your quartz or automatic watch, you will need:

  • The quartz or automatic watch whose strap you want to change

  • The new strap. 

  • Tools

  • Pins



Slide the pins inside the holes of the new strap, both in the long and short part of the strap. Push them in until they are center-aligned.


Install the shorter part of the strap (the one with the clasp on it) in the upper part of the watch, where 12:00 is indicated. With the watch face down, insert the pin on the holes of the watch.


Use your tools to apply preassure on the pin's springs so they can fit. You will hear a "clic" sound once it is embeded and so the new strap will be attached to the watch. Make sure both pins fit properly in their holes.


Repeat the proccess in the other side of the watch. Please, take into account that the long part of the new strap must be placed in the lower part of the watch, this is, where 18:30 are indicated.


Congrats! It's already done and you can enjoy your brand-new looking watch.

Did you imagine it was that easy? To make it even easier, we have created for you a video tutorial where we have changed the strap of a Glycine Combat 6. We placed a rubber strap so as to have a sporty watch for the upcoming days of good weather when we will practice outdoor sports.

As you can see, chaging the strap of your quartz or automatic watch not only will give it a completely different look and use, but also it is a way of optimizing your purchase. We hope that now you dare to change the strap of your watch at home and wear this way a different piece for every occasion.

All sellected products are currently in stock at Iguana Sell in a large variety of straps.

Moreover, you can always visit our boutique at Núñez de Balboa 90, Madrid.

Do not hesitate to contact us via mail, phone (+34) 91 441 50 41 or WhatsApp if you have any doubt regarding our products or services. We will be willing to help you.

Have a nive day

Iguana Sell

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